Take a look at the projects we offer and find something to get involved in!
We have various community volunteering projects for you to get involved with, tackling issues as diverse as educational disadvantage, loneliness, and homelessness. These projects offer a fantastic opportunity to build confidence, develop teamwork skills, boost leadership abilities, practice public speaking and so much more, whilst making a last impact on communities across Cambridge.
See our What's on page to apply to any of these projects or to find out more.
  • Schools Plus is our flagship tutoring project running across schools in Cambridge. Volunteers gain valuable skills while helping school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their full potential.
  • The Cambridge Edible Garden is at Murray Edwards college, just on the edge of their Storey Way car-park. It's an exciting collaboration between community gardeners, a dementia support charity, Cambridge University, and of course students! Don't worry, no prior experience necessary!
  • Our LinkAges Intergenerational Housing Project is currently full, but let us [know]( if you're interested in working with older people!
  • Become a Good Lad Facilitator and lead workshops interrogating lad culture. Speak to people as agents of positive change, rather than as potential perpetrators, and challenge them to change behaviours and attitudes within their own peer groups.
  • Hiraeth provides an opportunity for participants to explore and express their experiences, thoughts and questions around migration and feelings of homelessness, in the form of creative workshops.
Skilled Placements
We offer Skilled Placements to support you to gain invaluable skills and experience whilst making a huge difference to organisations across Cambridge, and in your life beyond.
  • The Social Impact Voluntary Placements Scheme recruits committed, socially-minded students from across the Hub Network and partners them with not-for-profit host organisations, where they complete a meaningful summer placement.
  • Engage for Change is a programme for people who want to learn to make change happen, through having effective conversations with those around them. You will design, implement and evaluate your own environmental sustainability-related interventions, using the University as a testing-ground for the skills that you'll develop through the programme.
  • Impact Labs trains teams of University of Cambridge PhD researchers in key impact measurement skills, and pairs them with local youth organisations to help them achieve their goals effectively.
  • The Social Innovation Programme provides students with the opportunity to address challenges posed by charities and social enterprises through research and consultancy placements. No experience is required to join.
We provide a variety of tailored support to individual students and groups starting up new projects. This includes in-person training and coaching, written resources and introductions to useful contacts. Read more on our Incubation page.
We work closely with a wide range of partners to foster incubation and collaboration in the booming social enterprise town that is Cambridge!
Critical Engagement Events
Last year, we ran 92 events and trainings, with over 1,500 attendees. We're on target to smash that figure for 2018-19, through the efforts of our Executive Committee, and all the great info sessions put on by our projects and programmes. Covering everything from homelessness to sustainable development, ethical careers to project management, get signed up to The Week, our mailing list, to stay in the loop!
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