Vice Chancellor's Social Impact Awards 2020/21

We are now shortlisting nominations for the Vice-Chancellor's Social Impact Awards

Informaton icon We are now shortlisting nominations for the Vice-Chancellor's Social Impact Awards

Location icon Cambridge

Clock icon Celebration on 5th May

Nominations are closed! We will contact all nominees in due course.

The Vice-Chancellor's Social Impact Awards are presented every year to students who show exceptional achievement and commitment to positive social change.

They’re a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the hard work that students at the University of Cambridge put into making a difference!

Winners will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive an award;
  • Attend a ceremony with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Stephen Toope, to celebrate their social action journey;
  • Share their achievements with others, through blogs and social media posts shared widely with university and community stakeholders;
  • Receive tailored support to develop their social action skills from the Cambridge Hub.

Nomination Criteria

Are you committed to a cause? Have you been inspired by a friend’s socially impactful project in Cambridge? Do you admire someone in your college for their volunteering?

Anyone - whether student, University staff, or someone not associated with the University at all - can nominate someone for a Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Award. However, Awards are given only to students currently matriculated at the University of Cambridge, of any year or course.

We are looking for any students who have demonstrated leadership, ongoing commitment, passion and proven social impact in the community.

Applicants are not told who has nominated them, but you are welcome to let them know yourself or to remain anonymous!

The Application Process

  1. A nomination is submitted by the applicant, or by someone else on the applicant's behalf. The nomination form can be completed here.
  2. The Cambridge Hub will use this information to then short-list candidates.
  3. Anonymised applications from the selected students will be put in front of the panel, made up of senior representatives from the University and local community, who will decide on the winners!

The Awards event with the Vice-Chancellor will be held on 5th May 2021. We will confirm if this event will be held virtually or in person in due course.

If you have any further questions get in touch with the Cambridge Hub Manager, Susana, on [email protected]

Support with your application

Cambridge Hub is committed to making our activities inclusive to all students. We are more than happy to make reasonable adjustments to application processes, both written and interview. Please simply reach out to Susana at [email protected] to arrange.

Want to find out how we celebrated the awards last year? Have a look at our blog!

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