Vice-Chancellor's Social Impact Awards
Here we've answered some common questions about the Vice-Chancellor's Social Impact Awards. However, if you have additional questions or need to request reasonable adjustments, please ask Will at
Q. What are the Vice Chancellor's Social Impact Awards?
The Vice Chancellor's Social Impact Awards recognise the achievement of outstanding students of the University of Cambridge, who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to improving society and the wider world. They reflect the commitment of the University of Cambridge to student civic action, and the importance of recognising the work of outstanding individuals. Cambridge Hub administers the Vice Chancellor’s Social Impact Awards scheme on behalf of the University of Cambridge.
Q. Who is eligible to win an Award?
Only students currently matriculated at the University of Cambridge are eligible to receive a Vice Chancellor’s Social Impact Award. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students from any year of study are eligible. Nominees should be able to demonstrate individual achievement and personal commitment to improving society and the wider world. The Awards are only given to individuals.
Q. How many people can I nominate?
There's no limit on the number of people you can nominate - so feel free to propose multiple people for the awards!
Q. Who can nominate a student for the awards?
Anyone who knows a student they think is eligible can nominate them! You don't have to be a student yourself or associated with the university or any college or department. Previously students have been nominated by tutors, friends, fellow volunteers and colleagues.
Applicants are not told who has nominated them but you are welcome to let them know yourself or to remain anonymous. You will be contacted to thank you for your nomination and again once the winners and highly commended individuals have been decided.
Nominate yourself or someone else by clicking here by 23:59 on Thursday 17th January 2019.
Q. What are the Awards given for?
The Vice Chancellor’s Social Impact Awards are given in recognition of exceptional commitment to improving society and the wider world. No particular activity or cause is given priority: for example, previous nominees have won the Award for environmental research, local volunteering, fundraising and science outreach work.
Nominees’ fulfilment of key criteria will be considered in the selection process: innovation, leadership, outcomes, working in partnership, community/wider impact of activities and personal development are all considered. These criteria are intentionally broad so as to encourage a large range of nominations.
While we encourage any student fitting the criteria above to apply, please note that the panel preferences students who can demonstrate their activities have created impact in Cambridge or the UK.
Q. How do I apply or nominate someone else?
To apply for the award you can either nominate yourself, or someone else. Nominations are open until Thursday 17th January 2019 at 23:59, using this form found here.
What will winners of the award receive?
Winners will receive the following:
  • A certificate of achievement, presented to them in an official ceremony by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Stephen Toope
  • Tailored support to develop their social action skills from the Cambridge Hub
  • The opportunity to be fast-tracked onto the interview stage of the Worthwhile third-sector graduate scheme
What happens after someone has been nominated?
  1. Nominees will be contacted to congratulate them on their nomination, and asked to submit some further details on the socially impactful activities that they were nominated for.
  2. Cambridge Hub will use this to then short-list candidates.
  3. The information from the application will be put in front of the panel, made up of senior representatives from the University and local community, who will decide on the winners!
  4. Awards will be presented at a special ceremony. Full details will be given to nominees nearer the time.
Nominate yourself or a friend today! Click here.
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