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Join the Committee for 2017/18 for our tutoring programme, Schools Plus; alongside gaining real leadership & project management experience, you'll be tackling educational disadvantage in Cambridge.
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About Schools Plus
The Schools Plus programme offers free and high-quality weekly tutorials and extra-curricular activities for students from a disadvantaged background run by university students, to unlock their potential. Projects we operate aim to provide pupils with skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life.
In 2016-7, we have 108 volunteers, who help with 34 projects in 5 schools. Collectively, the volunteers have put in over 1000 hours for 350 disadvantaged children across Cambridge.
The ethos of Schools Plus Cambridge is to change the lives of the students we tutor, one at a time. What makes us different from other programmes is our dedicated focus on tutors developing a strong relationship with every single one of the students that they work with.
Academic outcomes are important, but Schools Plus has broader aims than that. We want every child we work with to feel as valued as any of their peers, and we want to build the aspirations of our students, to inspire them to consider academic and other opportunities that they might not have before.
We specifically work with students that are at some kind of disadvantage, educational or otherwise, so providing support outside of the classroom is particularly powerful.
Click here to find out more about Schools Plus.
About the Committee
The Committee is highly motivated and driven:
Schools Plus is "well administered by people who really do want to make a difference" - Martin Campbell, Principal of North Cambridge Academy
Roles available
We are looking for students to join Cambridge Hub’s Schools Plus committee. We are looking for committee members to start in April. Take a look at the role descriptions below (& note that positions we have already filled have been removed from the list), but keep in mind that roles on the committee are fluid and flexible; you will be working as a team and helping each other out. Our committee are innovators and don’t necessarily restrict themselves to role descriptions!
You will need to be involved in Schools Plus in 2016-7 to apply.
To apply, fill in the application form at the top of the page. We'll be in touch to arrange an interview.
Projects Director (Development)
The two Projects Directors will work together as the co-heads of the committee, with responsibilities including:
  • Provides the overall vision and leadership for Schools Plus
  • Recruitment, Selection and Matching of volunteers
  • Overseeing Schools Liaison
  • Volunteer Management
  • Scrutiny of teaching and learning outcomes of Schools Plus
  • Website management
  • Fundraising (as needed)
  • (In the absence of a member of staff) acts as the liaison to other Hubs’ staff i/c of Schools Plus
To apply for Projects Director, you will have to have served as a Project Coordinator in 2016/7
Liaison and Training Officer
  • Organises training for volunteers
  • Organises socials/formals for volunteers
  • Organises resources for relevant projects (EAL in particular)
Communities and Outreach Officer
  • Expansion of Schools Plus into more partner schools
  • Organises and coordinates outreach events, e.g. Spies Day, with colleges and relevant parties
  • Widening Participation: liaison with the University on these initiatives
Projects Officer
  • Ad hoc responsibilities at specific times of years, e.g. selection workshops at the start of terms, substituting in teaching
  • Expectation to participate in shared responsibilities and to assist project coordinators
Shared responsibilities of all members
  • Acts as a point of contact of one partner school and manages all projects in that school
  • Ad hoc responsibilities at specific times of years, e.g. selection workshops at the start of terms, substituting in teaching
  • Project coordinator of one project
Non-committee role: Project Coordinators
  • Responsible for one project & a team of volunteer tutors
  • Acting as point of contact with the school and teacher for a specific project
  • Communicating with tutors - e.g. reminding tutors to attend regular sessions, reminding tutors to attend particular events, pass on information to tutors from school
  • Communicating with the relevant committee member in charge of your school
  • Helping out generally with Schools Plus (ad hoc)
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