Is it too late to apply?
NO! It is never too late to apply. We recruit throughout the year so go ahead and fill out the form to join us.
I want to be part of this project but I don't fit any of your committee roles. Does that mean I can't take part?
Chances are you have skills in an area we haven't yet covered and you are just the person we need to fill in that gap. We will never know until you send in the application form! Simply add as much detail as possible in the Skills and Experience sections and we will see how to fit you in.
What kind of time commitment are you asking for?
We'll likely hold hour long meetings to plan/record episodes of the podcast/radio programme.
Workshops will be organised according to availability, probably every couple of weeks.
We are very flexible as a team so time management has never been an issue in the past. If you find yourself drowning in work there will be more than enough people to cover for you.
Is this project only open to students?
Absolutely not. We encourage everybody who lives or works in Cambridge and wants to address different issues of homelessness here to join us. You do not have to be a student to participate.
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