A project that aims to create opportunities to express, share and explore of feelings of displacement
Meaning of the word 'Hiraeth'
Hiraeth is a Welsh word that conveys the longing for a home that you cannot return to, or that never was.
About the Project
The Hiraeth project aims to provide a platform of expression and a network of support for anyone who is experiencing feelings of displacement, for groups who may feel that their voices are not heard. Through creative workshops, we hope to provide an opportunity for participants to explore and express their experiences, thoughts and questions around migration and feelings of homelessness. Hiraeth hopes to counter stereotypical perceptions of Cambridge and who ‘belongs’ to it, by reflecting the rich diversity of the people who live here.
Creative writing workshops take place in Jimmies Homeless Shelter every Thursday 1.30-2.30pm.
Get Involved!
If you're interested in participating in or leading a Hiraeth workshop it would be great to hear from you! Apply online and pop an email to the Hiraeth coordinator, Jai Rane, jsr56@cam.ac.uk
Please contact Ellie, eleanor.chapman@cambridgehub.org, with any questions or ideas!
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