Recruiting: Good Lad Initiative Coordinator
Interested in tackling sexual harassment and misogyny? We're looking for a coordinator for the Good Lad Initiative in Cambridge!
1 year committee position, applications open now!
Cambridge Hub and the University Sports Service have partnered with GLI to offer student-powered workshops around gender and team/society culture.
Good Lad Initiative (GLI) offers a unique way of addressing lad culture, sexual violence, misogyny and hypermasculinity, amongst other issues, faced in today’s society. Based on cutting edge social intervention psychology, we seek to transcend gender paradigms currently prevalent. We speak to people as agents of positive change, rather than as potential perpetrators, and challenge them to change behaviours and attitudes within their own peer groups.
Our primary activity is running single-gender workshops (for both men and women) for sports teams, college societies and social groups. These workshops create a dialogue about issues relating to gender and present a new framework within which to think about actions and consequences. The workshop challenges attendees to think through situations that they and their peers are likely to be, or have been, part of, and to discuss how they could change their actions to create the most positive outcome. We also offer mixed workshops as follow-up sessions to the single-gender workshops, to continue conversations.
Cambridge Hub, GLI and the University of Cambridge Sports Service co-organise a GLI Facilitator Hub in Cambridge.
As the Facilitator Hub Coordinator, you will be responsible for managing and supporting our volunteer facilitator team in Cambridge. Furthermore, you will be responsible for advertising the workshops to potential clients and organising workshop bookings. You are actively encouraged to become a facilitator yourself and to participate in facilitating Good Lad workshops. This will be done with the on-the-ground support, and using the infrastructure, of Cambridge Hub, and with the support of the rest of the Cambridge Hub Executive Committee.
You will be aided in liaison with sports clubs and societies by the Sports Service, and will of course work closely with GLI. You will be reporting directly to the Manager at Cambridge Hub, while oversight of the project will be through an Advisory Board which will include representatives from the University, GLI, Cambridge Hub and Sports Service.
This is a fantastic opportunity for a University of Cambridge student to gain experience of working with a growing social enterprise and develop their skills in volunteer management, leadership and cross-organisational coordination in a client-facing role. You will also be at the forefront of tackling the issue of sexual harassment, providing you with a platform to think and act innovatively on how to solve it.
Facilitator Management
  • Support recruitment of volunteer facilitators to grow Cambridge GLI team, promoting GLI and workshops through Cambridge Hub, University of Cambridge Sports Service and other channels.
  • Coordinating facilitators for each workshop, developing the Cambridge Facilitator Hub for GLI.
  • Distribution of workshop material to facilitators before the workshop and feedback links after the workshop. (Monitoring and evaluation forms and system are provided by Cambridge Hub).
  • Organisation of termly social events, fostering a facilitator community, with support and infrastructure of Cambridge Hub.
Client Management
  • Outreach to potential clients; University of Cambridge and College Sports Clubs, with the support of the Sports Service.
  • Providing information on the GLI mission and workshops.
  • Coordination of workshop booking and scheduling, using GLI’s booking system.
  • Ensuring excellent relationships with all clients.
Stakeholder engagement
  • GLI (National Director) - Regular contact, passing feedback and pertinent information (booked / completed workshops, facilitator team status) back to the central team.
  • University of Cambridge Sports Service - Regular contact with the Sports Clubs Project Coordinator on Club engagement, priorities and outcomes. Liaising with the Sports Service on sports facility bookings.
  • Cambridge Hub - Attend Hub events and provide logistical support at Freshers Fair and socials (as required). Help with publicity including, but not confined to, maximising outreach of Facebook events and leafleting. Prepared to lend a hand to other Committee members if needed - and in turn, to be supported by them.
  • Good Lad Advisory Board, Cambridge - Drafting reports on key operational areas for the Advisory Board.
Desired Skills & Experience
  • Passion and commitment to working for social change.
  • Self-motivation and ability to motivate others to achieve common goals.
  • Ability to discuss sex, sexuality, social norms and gender both openly and to a variety of different audiences (young men, young women, students, university staff etc.) and an understanding, or experience, of ‘lad culture’.
  • Membership and/or Committee experience within a University or College Sports Club or Society.
  • Some experience working in social intervention projects, particularly with a gender focus, would be advantageous, though not necessary.
Write to Will Hedley on with any questions.
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