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Informaton icon Are you good at having conversations? Do you believe in the power to promote positive masculinity? Register to be a Good Lad Facilitator!

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Good Lad Initiative (GLI) offers a unique way of addressing lad culture, sexual violence, misogyny and hypermasculinity, amongst other issues, faced in today’s society. Based on social intervention psychology, we speak to people as agents of positive change, rather than as potential perpetrators, and challenge them to change behaviours and attitudes within their own peer groups.

Our primary activity is running single-gender workshops for sports teams, college societies and social groups. These workshops create a dialogue about issues relating to gender and present a new framework within which to think about their actions and consequences. This challenges the attendees to think through situations that they and their peers are likely to be, or have been, part of, and to discuss how they could change their actions to create the most positive outcome. We also offer mixed workshops as follow-up sessions to the single-gender workshops, to continue conversations .

Cambridge Hub, GLI and the University of Cambridge Sports Service have formed a successful partnership for over a year to create GLI Cambridge, and for rolling out across the University of Cambridge for this next academic year, we need to recruit in a volunteer facilitator community.


As a GLI facilitator, your main role will be leading our workshops with groups from Cambridge University. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to facilitate workshops with schools, professional organisations and other universities from across the UK.

The facilitator community in Cambridge will be overseen by the GLI Cambridge Coordinator, James Elms.

You will receive a full training package, including workshop and scenario notes, so that you are fully prepared for every workshop, and will be paired with an experienced facilitator for your initial workshops. Additionally, we offer Advanced Facilitator Training for when you become an experienced facilitator yourself, which is lead by an internationally recognised facilitator trainer and is designed to enhance your general skills, not specifically for GLI workshops.

We will reimburse travel costs associated with your responsibilities as a Good Lad Facilitator

This is a fantastic opportunity for a University of Cambridge student to have an impact on the everyday issues faced by University students and to be part of a growing social enterprise. There is no singular candidate that we are looking for with a particular set of attributes, but we are keen to hear from you if you are interested in having a tangible impact on Cambridge life. If you would like more information, or would like to discuss facilitating for GLI further, feel free to reach out to James Elms on [email protected]

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