Edible Garden
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Every Sunday from 14:00 (during Easter term) - see our calendar below!
Cambridge, Murray Edwards car park, Storey's Way (next to tennis court)
MICHAELMAS 2018 - Recruiting for new members!
The Edible Garden is a community project in Murray Edwards College. With the help of the Hub, this small plot of land has been a thriving garden since February 2013. As well as enjoying the veg for themselves, volunteers organise events to harvest and cook the produce together.
We’re looking for enthusiastic individuals to get involved!
What roles are available?
We currently have the following roles available:
Co-coordinator (from Michaelmas term onwards)
You will collaborate with the second co-ordinator to keep maintaining and developing this gardening space. This includes organising weekly gardening sessions for volunteers during term time, liaising with the head gardener of the college, and keeping in touch with the Cambridge Hub Programmes Manager. You don't have to have much knowledge about gardening - an interest to learn is enough. Also, there will be plenty of logistical and general support from Cambridge Hub.
Volunteer (during term time)
It’s a small commitment, and no prior knowledge of gardening is needed. You can attend as many gardening sessions as you can, it's no problem if you can't attend some of the sessions.
Who's involved?
The Edible Garden is a collaboration between Murray Edwards college, Transition Cambridge Growing Spaces, Cambridge Hub and the University Environment and Energy Section.
When are the gardening sessions?
Our gardening sessions are normally on Sunday at 14:00. Have a look at our calendar here to see all term sessions, and add it to your own! Get in touch with the Edible Garden coordinators at ediblegardenleader@cambridgehub.org to find out more.
Where are the gardening sessions?
The Edible Garden is in Murray Edwards College, close to the Murray Edwards car park, Storey's Way, right next to the tennis court.
Want to find out more?
If you’d like to get involved, come along to one of our regular gardening sessions. No previous gardening knowledge or skills are required. We welcome everyone from experienced gardeners willing to share their knowledge with us to complete novices who can come and learn with us.
Regular updates are sent out through the Facebook Page
Great! Before you attend a session, please click on Apply at the top of the page, fill in the form and we'll get in touch with you. Once you've filled in the form, you are welcome to join the next gardening session - you don't need to wait for a reply from us. If you're applying for a (co-)coordinator role, we'll be in touch soon with more details!
Get in touch with the Edible Garden coordinators at ediblegardenleader@cambridgehub.org.
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