Cambridge Carbon Literacy Project

Passionate about climate action? Want to educate others on what the future holds and how we can act?

Informaton icon Passionate about climate action? Want to educate others on what the future holds and how we can act?

Location icon Cambridge (virtual)

Clock icon October 2020

A brand-new climate education course is coming to the University of Cambridge: Carbon Literacy!

We want to educate as many students as possible about the climate emergency FREE of charge, and to do this we need your help!

Any Cambridge student passionate about climate action and educating others about how we can act please apply here to be among the first set of 12 Student Trainers on the brand new Carbon Literacy project launching Michaelmas 2020!

What can I expect?

Briefly, you will receive FREE formal training, courtesy of Cambridge Zero, allowing you to teach other Cambridge students in further sessions we will run later on in the year. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain educational experience as well as formal qualifications.

How will it work?

Cambridge Environmental Education Society (CEES) will be running an initial selection process to look for 10-12 ‘student trainers'. Student trainers will receive a free days training by Carbon Literacy Project Manchester, introducing them to the course, and explaining how this can be taught in a university setting. All student trainers will then receive their carbon literacy certificate, allowing them to teach other students within the university.

CEES will then open a second google form for students wishing to partake in just the carbon literacy course (not as student trainers). Number dependent, we plan to run two sessions a term: one at the beginning and one at the end of term on a weekend. Student trainers will work in pairs or trios to deliver the Carbon Literacy course to these other students that have signed up. This will run in a morning and afternoon format. Following completion of the course, carbon literacy certificates will be given to all those attending. Hold tight for further announcements about student-led training later in the term!

Who can apply?

We would ideally like student trainers to have at least one year left in Cambridge following next academic year. This is mainly for logistical reasons regarding organising an outside trainer for the sessions. However enthusiastic and dedicated final year students are more than welcome to apply! We would also ask that student trainers are able to commit to 1-2 days a term on a weekend to run the training sessions for others. Undergraduates, post-graduates and post-docs are all welcome to apply.

As for the student-led training sessions, these will be open to ALL students and post-docs of the university. Expect more announcements regarding these in the near future!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact – Will Moody [email protected]


We are an inclusive organisation and can make reasonable adjustments to application processes, interviews, training sessions and other activities on a case-by-case basis. If you have particular accessibility needs, please do get in touch at [email protected]


The Cambridge Carbon Literacy project is run by the newly formed Cambridge Environmental Education Society (CEES) through Cambridge Hub and it is sponsored by Cambridge Zero (University of Cambridge).

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Strategic Partner