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Towards a Sustainable Future: Local Actions, Global Betterment

Informaton icon Towards a Sustainable Future: Local Actions, Global Betterment

Location icon Cambridge (virtual)

Clock icon Saturday 13 June 2020, 10am - 2.30pm

Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum 2020

If you missed the event, check out the talks here

The Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum (CCSF) is proud to present the 2020th annual forum event. This year, despite the widespread uncertainties and challenges posed by COVID 19, we believe that the health of our planet cannot be relegated to the sidelines.

At the beginning of the year, we have decided on the theme for this year’s forum to be “Towards a Sustainable Future: Local Actions, Global Betterment”. This idea rings true now more than ever. With a greater focus on the role of the family unit and local community to localise the pandemic threat, we are provided with an opportunity to focus on the local reference frame and think about what sustainability changes we wish to see – from a greater emphasis on procuring local/regional produces, to having teleconferences instead of flying 10 hour roundtrips, we are presented with many ingenious and workable alternatives.

As all recoveries begin with tentative steps amounting in realistic small-scale changes, so will the recovery of our planet’s health. Every ‘little’ change that we do for the planet, matters.

This is what the committee have to say following the event...

Professor Jane Heal opened the 2020 CCSF, emphasising the importance of, and philosophy behind, individual actions in combating climate change. Next, Mariasole Bianco discussed the ocean, and her inspiring individual journey to create a business which reduces plastic pollution in Italy. This was followed by a series of talks from academics and ‘flash talks’ from Fleur Nash and Valeria Zambianchi, current students of the University. A highlight was Dr Theo Hacking’s discussion on how sustainability could be better embedded into engineering planning which prompted lively conversations among speakers and the audience.

The afternoon session began with a fantastic talk by Dr Alina Averchenkova from LSE, who discussed her extensive experience mediating cross-stakeholder dialogues in both government and NGO settings, and how individuals can have a significant influence on the creation of legislation. This was followed up by Duncan Catchpole, who presented his business, the Cambridge Food Hub, and spoke about how food supply can be designed to be more sustainable. The event was rounded off in style by Dr Natasha Grist who presented a project providing Biogas to local communities in Kenya.

The committee is grateful to all our fantastic speakers and for the inspiring talks they gave. We’d also like to direct anyone that may have missed the talks to our Facebook page where you’ll find not only the recorded talks, but also links to resources discussed by our speakers. We hope that the range of talks on offer leaves everyone empowered with the knowledge that every small action we take as individuals is additive, and that viewed through the lens of the local community, they combine to make significant positive changes to our planet.

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