Cambridge Hub is a student-led group offering practical volunteering, skilled placements, project incubation and events. We support you to learn about issues, connect with each other and tackle social problems.
Together, we have the power and potential to shape a better world.
Ethical Network
The Ethical Network is a community of around 60 student societies working on social and environmental issues, campaigning, fundraising, volunteering and promoting engagement with the challenges in which they are involved. To help these groups increase their reach, impact, effectiveness and long-term sustainability, there are a whole range of resources and opportunities available to all the societies in the Network. Click here to find out more.
Ethical Guide to Cambridge
Created by students, our Ethical Guide is an introduction to the environmentally and socially conscious projects and businesses in Cambridge. Whether you’re looking for a great lunch or sustainable clothes, we’ve got you covered. Take a look.
We aim to support students to create positive social change in their communities. In order to share and improve how we do this, we are committed to measuring our impact.
View the Cambridge Hub 2016/17 Impact Report here.
Cambridge Hub is the second oldest Hub. The first, Oxford Hub, was founded in 2007 by a group of students who felt the need for better coordination between student charitable groups. The vision was of a network that would connect students working across different causes so they could share insight, knowledge, and experience, thereby making all groups more effective. As more and more groups expressed interest in becoming involved, it became evident that there were many other ways in which student charitable groups could be having a bigger impact.
The success of the original Hub, Oxford Hub, in 2007 led to the creation of Student Hubs, a national charity, including Cambridge Hub in 2008.
Today Cambridge Hub reaches over 3,000 students every week with information about opportunities to get involved, provides weekly training sessions and speaker events, runs several conferences per year and offers support to its Ethical Network groups.
In 2014-15, Cambridge Hub was part of a cohort of brilliant social ventures at Social Incubator East. Read more about our journey here.
Partner With Cambridge Hub
Cambridge Hub is all about collaboration and partnerships - we act as a focal point for student and community groups in Cambridge. If you’re looking to engage with Cambridge’s proactive, conscientious students, we’d love to hear from you.
Cambridge Hub in the news
Here are some videos, articles, radio clips and other press items featuring Cambridge Hub.
We're always keen to talk about the work we do: write to our Publicity coordinator at publicity@cambridgehub.org
September: An article about previous student President and current Cambridge Hub Manager, Lily Macfadyen Tomson, in King's Parade magazine.
February: Professor Graham Virgo, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education at the University of Cambridge endorses the work of Cambridge Hub at Volunteer for Cambridge, YouTube
March: Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge endorses Cambridge Hub & the Social Innovation Programme, YouTube
2014 and before
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